Inclusion and Safer Spaces

I've been thinking a lot about the tension that exists in creating inclusive spaces since last Nine Worlds. We got a lot of positive feedback with regard to inclusivity, diversity, and the perception of safety at the event. This particularly focused on LGBTQ and women attendees; race and disability were more problematic, and that's something we're working to improve on this coming year.

Driving sales with CRM

There are exactly one gazillion online CRM systems nowadays, and a weird lack of summaries online, so I thought I'd publish some of the rough notes I pulled together as part of a recent review. The situation is important, as different CRMs are best suited to different purposes. The company I was working with had a requirement for the system to drive sales activity, and a small team using Google Apps and Android phones. That means the solution I settled on is the one I thought best for this particular focus.

Community building on the web

A somewhat snarky cartoon about the relative earnings of different web professionals

Over the past few years, I've had a bunch of meetings with people trying to extract the secret sauce I used to make Indus Delta into a popular, profitable website. One or two actually made the leap and went on to build their own communities, e.g. No Offence. Hopefully the NUJ conference I addressed on the topic (alongside Guido Fawkes!) inspired a few people as well.

What happens when 'workfare' replaces paid workers?

Apropos of this article in the Guardian, I've been musing over the impact of mandated work experience placements on the labour market, specifically those that end up replacing paid jobs.

Productivity enhancement through chemistry

Learning curves

Nick Flood for this particular version
padraicb for what appears to be the original, as far as I can tell

Springtime for Hackney, and generally

I've been mostly inactive in online stuff on all fronts for some time, owing to a range of professional and personal demands that didn't fit well with communicating more widely. Life is still in flux, but there are lots of exciting and hopeful possibilities out there.


On punishing the workshy

A certain portion of the press seems to have gone back to war against the 'dole scroungers' of late. This includes seizing on various government proposals as being ways of tightening up the benefits system. However, some of these proposals seem, at first glance, awfully familiar. For example, 'mandated work experience' and 'losing benefits for turning down a reasonable job offer' have both been around for yonks.

Online tendering support for the Work Programme

After finding out a bit more about Merlin's web portal earlier this week, I've been thinking about online tendering support. Roughly speaking, bidding can be split into five areas:

Helping people to get and keep jobs using online support

I've been thinking about this topic for a while now. Some brief thoughts, with more to follow. I've used a lot of bullet points to lay out the main areas quickly:


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